Welcome to the revolution, We are the IMMORTAL HUMANS

A collection of 5,000 NFT’s slicing and bashing their way through the Solana Ecosystem. We are building and delivering a coinflip game and NFT marketplace

Our core values of being adaptive, humble in everything we do, and we believe that being true to ourselves is a vital part of building something meaningful.

A 5,000 NFT collection aiming at developing a decently sized community. Not only allowing creativity to bloom, but also paving the way ahead for our unending earning

Join now and earn with our revenue sharing program simply by being a holder.

Win big in our casino games and other earning platforms that would be discussed in the future.

Get ready for non-stop action.

The ultimate betting experience awaits!




Immortal Humans project is based on the Solana blockchain, a high-performance platform that uses a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus algorithm to enable fast and low-cost transactions.

The MASOL token ($MASOL) which is the official token of our partners, Masked Soldiers is a utility coin designed to be used within the project on the Solana blockchain. It serves as a means of exchange for the purchase and sale of goods and services within the project as liquidity pool has been added, as well as a means for participating in special events and activities.

NFTs of Immortal Humans can be traded on decentralized markets and also our Market place, based on smart contracts, on the Solana blockchain. NFT prices are determined by supply and demand on the market.

In general, the technical architecture of Immortal Apes is designed to ensure safe and scalable management of NFTs and the $MASOL token on the Solana blockchain, in order to provide an optimal user experience for project users.

$IMMORTAL Tokenomics

Immortal Human tokens (IMMORTAL) are a native token that runs on the Solana Network. Our Tokens will be earned through our stake to earn platform and can also be swappable from Solana to our token and vice versa

Token Name: $IMMORTAL

Total Supply: 1,000,000


To function as an in-platform transactional token for the minting of our next and future collections and to be used as a reward for member loyalty for staking monthly.

Immortal Human envisions the use of the $IMMORTAL as the primary utility within our ecosystem. Holders of our NFT can earn the token through staking the same. The token will possess intrinsic monetary value, and provides holders access to a range of services and opportunities within the project

Referal Program

We will offer advertising services for the new projects and share the profits with the community. If you are holding a Blessed dogs NFT and find us a client, you will get a 40% share of the final price. These are some of the advertising services that we’ll be offering : Twitter threads, AMAs. Example – Let’s say that our we choose our advertisement deal to be 5 SOL, and you find us a project that buys this service. As soon as the transaction finishes you will be paid 2 SOL

Revenue Share Program

Immortal Humans will have its own unique revenue share model that will benefit unlisted NFTs. Our Rev-share one of the many utilities for our Holders. 60% of the revenue generated from marketplace, royalties and coinflip will be funneled directly back to holders. The bi-weekly revenue will be dispersed via airdrop to our holders. To qualify for this airdrop your NFT must remain unlisted and held in your wallet, snapshots will be taken at a random interval every two weeks.

Stake to Earn

Owning Immortal Humans NFTs and staking them in our Stake to earn platform will be a way to earn $IMMORTAL tokens, get involved in the project, and provide additional benefits. Immortal Humans stakers can obtain special discounts from our upcoming NFT shop with $IMMORTAL tokens.